Conrad Holst

A loose cannon paladin of Madriel who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to do what's right.


Conrad is a young Paladin of Madriel. A holy warrior of his god, chosen to undertake a great quest for the good of the world.
Sort of. During his training it became clear very early that he had a certain moral flexibility some church orders find useful. Rather than an armored front line fighter, he was trained in subtle combat arts; stealth, subterfuge and techniques favored by rogues and assassins.
Not exactly. Being thus trained, his dedication was tested in order for him to better understand and counter those enemies of the church who use such methods for their evil purposes.
Exactly. He began to master the ways of the scimitar.
He learned to use various styles of arcane magic to augment and imporve his combat ability. One such source was a frenetic combat style based on dancing.
Well, he learned quickly that his combat style wasn’t viable in some situations…

And he was made to endure the ridicule of both friend and foe for it.

Conrad’s mother raised him in the church of Madriel. His father was an evil vampire…

…who was hunted down and killed before Conrad was born….

…Or was he?
Who knows. Not anyone in New Ashton, that’s who. New Ashton is a small struggling village in the middle of nowhere and basically manages to survive on farming and the infrequent advent of traveling merchants who manage not to be killed by devil bears or wandering homicidal halflings. Now, the thing about subsistence farming and paladin training is that they take a lot of time away from things like wondering about who you are and how you fit into the world. Which is why Conrad didn’t find out about his father and his half vampire heritage until he was 16 and tasked by his deity to save the world!
He and his friends were charged by their respective deities to stop a great evil from being born into the world. Or killing an evil that had been born into the world. Or stop an evil from coming back into the world… Whatever; the important thing is that Gods are too powerful to be specific and evil needs to be stopped.

So Conrad and his friends set out for adventure with some basic equipment and hazily defined goals. Their travels took them through a nearby ruin where they ran into a young dragon defending it’s hoard. The team learned the importance of anti-air attacks, and Conrad learned that only evil people are allowed to use extortion, even if the one being extorted are themselves evil.

Conrad Holst

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