Merethan Dristalus

A devil inside and out.


Her aunt’s a bitch. Makes friends with demons. Mystery ghost temple. Mind if I loot your dad’s dead body? Circus bear meets psycho, cultist Halfling. Blind leading the stupid. Don’t extort dragons. The town is a lie. Adventuring. Killing unarmed hostages. Ghosts are dicks. Looks bitchin’ in a dress. Party crashing into jail. Crazy shit. Temple of the Slaughtered Crazy Bitches. Gathering of the holier-than-thou jackasses. Betrayal deep and hard. Half of the Halfling down the river. Luke, I’m your father. Pillage and plunder.

It was in the small village of Old Ashton that Merethan grew up, though fond memories of her birthplace were few and far between. Never had she known her parents, instead having her mother’s sister as her caretaker.Though, the term caretaker could only be used in the loosest of sense. From what her aunt would speak of the subject, Merethan’s mother had been murdered by her father, the evil man escaping from the village in the night.

Despite the misfortunes already bestowed upon the young girl of not even two years, her aunt felt no sympathy towards the tiefling girl. Merethan’s childhood

Merethan Dristalus

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