Overview of the Divine

The most commonly worshiped deities are The Nine. Many of the Nine date back to the creation of the multiverse, but some are relative newcomers to the others.

The Nine consist of:

Corean The Champion
God of Chivalry, Justice, Craftsmanship and Protection.

Madriel The First Angel of Mercy
Goddess of the Sun, Redemption, Healing, Love and Agriculture.

Thetia The Wave Rider
Goddess of the Sea, Hunting, Music and Journeys.

Erathis The Judge
Goddess of Civilization, Law, Language and Commerce.

The Raven Queen The Spinner of Fate
Goddess of Endings, Death and Winter.

Enkili The Unlucky One
God of Trickery, Misfortune and Storms.

Bane The Great General
God of Conquest, War, Tyranny and Domination.

Belsameth The Slayer
Goddess of Night, Madness and Murder.

Vangal The Blood-Soaked Ravager
God of Destruction, Bloodshed, Earthquakes and Pestilence.

There are other gods as well in this world however. Two notable ones are the twin dragon gods Bahamut and Tiamat, aloof from the other gods in their constant rivalry. They are generally only worshipped by the Nagaji, former servitors of the god’s children, the dragons.

Finally, although not truly a god, Asmodeus, ruler of the Nine Hells, is the last of the original creators of the world, the primordial progenitors, and is served by a disconcerting amount of mortals as well.

These have not been the only gods that have existed, some are dead or slumbering, and if they shall return no mortal may know.

-Excerpt from Religions of the Peninsula by Thryeldim the Scholar.

Overview of the Divine

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