Cycle of Ruins is a Pathfinder campaign set in a world where known civilization sits upon a peninsula with two major assumptions.

The World is Ancient: Empires rise and empires crumble, leaving few places that have not been touched by their grandeur. Ruin, time and natural forces eventually claim all, leaving the penisula rich with places of adventures and mystery. Ancient civilizations and their knowledge survive in legends, magic items and the ruins they left behind. However chaos and darkness inevitably follow an empire’s collapse leaving the new inheritors to carve it’s own place out of the world rather than build on the efforts of past civilizations.

The World is Mysterious: Wild, uncontrolled regions abound and cover most of the world. City-states of various sizes dot the darkness, bastions in the wilderness and amid the ruins of the past. Some of these settlements are where one can expect peace, but many more are dangerous. No one race lords over the world, and vast kingdoms are rare. People know the area they live in well, and they’ve heard stories of other places from merchants and travelers, but few really understand what’s beyond the mountains or in the depth of the great forest unless they’ve been there themselves.

Pathfinder Cycle of Ruins

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