Pathfinder Cycle of Ruins

Things That Should Not Be Forgotten

We say the darnedest of things!

Merethan: “Sorry about your beard.”
Darren: “What beard?”
Merethan: “Exactly.”

Darren:“We should probably check on Rica.”
Merethan:“Fuck ’er. Leave her behind.”
Darren"What do you have against her?! Are you racist?!"
Merethan:“No, I just fuckin’ hate her! She can go back to her pile of dead friends for all I care!”

Chris Schwarts: “Captain Filler of the Side-Quest.”

“You don’t think the King’ll be mad he now has a tree in the center of his throne room, do you?”

Larkin:“Because I’ve got a poison that’ll make this bitch walk East.”


Matt: “This is why I’m the paladin, and you’re the thief.”
Larkin: “Speaking of which, Sleight of Hand!”

Lauren (OOC?): “You know how when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail? I am a scythe, and everything looks like wheat.”



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